We Honor Friends/Family…..

Honoring the Service and Sacrifice of Sister Veterans.  Staying attentive to the epiphanies in life — doors open. windows close. sun rises. moon eclipses. new mercies each day.  Realizing that all moments matter especially the subtle moments that remind us to be attentive and to blog.  So dear universe We Hear You.

No Security. We got Spiritual Support

Mary and Joseph needed a security detail. The threats against the new born baby were undeniable. His “Extreme Makeover” or miraculous birth  made the government uncomfortable and his neighbors jealous. God warned  Mary and Joseph  to  get out of town quickly because the envious folks were plotting against their family….the Black Women Veterans who started the Jubilee House in Fort Bragg/ Fayetteville NC understand death threats, plots, sabotage, and government opposition. Our leaky VA got a renovation from American Broadcasting Companies Inc. in July 2011 and the hatred ramped up. The malevolent opposition used all measures to destroy us and take the Jubilee House.   We needed a security detail. We have Spiritual Support…

Grateful for these Holiday Seasons…and the Reasons

No matter what your particular faith narrative happens to be, there is something miraculous about this time of year.  Hanukkah. Kwanzaa.Christmas and other faith traditions lead us to the inevitable realization that we are capable of generously giving, purposefully living and wonderfully transcending all barriers, challenges, and differences. Our hearts migrate toward the mystical, the miraculous and the marginalized.  We care about people who are hurting and lonely. We aspire to share our happiness and joy.  We are wired to see the humanity of others as kindred to our own mortality. We see the images of ourselves in the faces of others whose lives are likely different from our own. This time of year merges us aching hurts with the homeless, disabled, incarcerated and the invisible. We move forward together.  Happy Holidays. Shalom

Honoring the Service and Sacrifice of Women Veterans

During this holiday season, our Nation recognizes the military service of our nation’s sons and daughters. We must intentionally include the names and faces of Women Veterans in the fabric of this historical monologue. The faces have been invisible and undervalued for way to long, but now America can alter the incomplete narrative with the names and faces of those who have valiantly served and died for the cause of freedom.